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Women with MBAs are opening doors,
building amazing things and shattering glass ceilings.

Nicole Irvin

Goldman Sachs
Biology to Banking

Anna Binder

The Decision Maker

Emily Chan

Positive Social Impact

If you’re thinking about an MBA, the GMAT is Step #1.

(Graduate Management Admission Test)

Women who
take the GMAT
in college often
score higher
than in any
other time
of their

score is good
for five years.

That gives
you options as you make important life decisions.

Taking the test
while you are in
college gives
you more
over your
and more
time to study.

I had always known I wanted a career that created positive social change, but it wasn’t until college that I realized the intricacies of systemic change. That is why I took the GMAT before graduating and started to consider business school. Whether you’re going into the nonprofit, for profit, and/or public sectors, a comprehensive understanding of business in invaluable for building sustainable social enterprises or otherwise harnessing market forces for social change.

Jackie Rotman
Founder, Everybody Dance Now!
Stanford MBA ‘19

Take the test and save your score for 5 years.

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